Who am I

I have been doing layout and website development since 2014. During this time, the tasks of creating sites from small business card sites to the creation and support of large projects were completed. I have the competence of seo website promotion at the level of understanding the requirements of search engines. On an ongoing basis, I collaborate with several seo agencies and web studios as a sub-contractor for website development and internal seo optimization. The main cms I work with are Opencart and Wordpress.

Basic services

Development of online stores

Creation of e-commerce stores for retail and wholesale. Development of stores for trade using dropshipping

Website development for business cards and portfolios

Development of partner sites for working with Amazon, Ebay. Creation of presentation sites for goods and companies. Creation of conversion landing pages for interaction with advertising channels

Technical website optimization for website promotion in search engines

Installing and configuring https certificates, the necessary seo functionality for the work of seo specialists and marketers. Optimization of resource loading speed. Technical seo audit of sites.

Synchronization of sites with 1c Accounting, other accounting systems, services and analytics

Development of functionality for import, export of goods for unloading / uploading to aggregator sites (Hotline, Rozetka, Price.ua) Crm, telephony, Planfix). Creation of various feeds for interaction with partner sites. Setting up a site to work with Google services. Setting up the interaction of analytics with Facebook, Instagram

Support and maintenance of projects

Resource health monitoring and prompt recovery in case of its disconnection / breakdown. Timely updating of the site's functionality. Working with security (search and removal of malicious scripts). Monitoring and blocking attacks. Creation of backups (backups).

Writing technical specifications for the creation of sites

Includes the technical part of the necessary functionality with recommendations for creating, analytics of the functionality of competitors' sites. Recommendations for the technical optimization of the site for seo promotion and interaction with other advertising channels.